We are Titanium Developers

We are Titanium Developers

Since our first days creating mobile solutions, we have tried a lot of technologies, such as JQuery Mobile, HTML5, phoneGap, native development…

But none of them has given to us and our clients so many benefits as Titanium, from Appcelerator.

And we are so convinced of this, that we have spent the last months working only with Titanium mobile technologies, developing iPhone, iPad and Android projects, training developers, creating open source projects and contributing to the Titanium Community. Just myself have passed the Titanium Certificate App Developer test, which credits me as a professional and expert Titanium developer. And also, I’ve become a proud Appcelerator Titan user, which is a community leader and technology evangelist.

At this time, our commitment with Titanium is complete. We are training two new internal developers on Titanium to increase our development capacity. We are already planning the 2012 year, because we are pretty sure that it will be a great year, plenty of success and great projects that we have already in process. And we have the confidence and satisfaction of our clients, our most valuable treasure, because their success is the only aim we care.

The only constant is change, said Isaac Asimov, and survive in a so changing technological environment is only possible if you choose right your partners. For this reason, and many others, we are very proud to say that We are Titanium Developers.

Javier Rayon,
Consultant and Lead developer at Criteria Studio

  1. Kosso says


    I’ve been focussing on Titanium as a core solution for mobiles for a couple of years now.

    One hell of a lot of learning, tweaking, hacking, helping, teaching and experimenting, as well a few clients later, it’s really beginning to take shape.

    Jeff, Kevin, Marshall, Don, Scott etc.etc.. and the ever-growing community of developers have done a great job.

    Code Strong! (as they seem to like saying ;) )

    • J. Rayon says

      You are right, Kosso. And there is a turning point after what all comes easier. But I think it’s worth the initial effort, isn’t it?

      I’m delighted with all the new possibilities and challenges that Titanium is offering to mobile developers in last months, including some amazing modules as Box2D, OpenGL… I only regret not having time to study them all!

      Code strong :)

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